image Heard about the MSP430FR5969 “Wolverine” and the extreme ultra-low power (ULP) technology inside? Join us for an overview of the world’s lowest power microcontrollers and learn how to use the powerful tool chain built alongside the FRAM MCU platform. Explore how the new LaunchPad rapid prototyping kit and software ecosystem enables developers to create best-in-class, ultra-low power embedded applications with FRAM devices. Then get a closer look at EnergyTrace™ technology that lets developers visualize where the energy is being spent, providing powerful energy optimization potential in any application. The patented energy measurement and trace technology in combination with a static code analyzer that are all seamlessly integrated into the tool chain will enable squeezing the last micro joule out of the stingiest software routines.
Presenter: William Cooper
William Cooper is a product marketing engineer for Texas Instruments’ microcontroller team, focused specifically on MSP430 FRAM products. He joined Texas Instruments in 2012, rotating through sales, business development and marketing roles as a member of the Technical Sales Associate rotational program. He then took on responsibility for MSP430 development tools and also managed MSP430 web content. Today, he manages product launch activities for all MSP430 FRAM-based products. William Cooper holds BSEE, MSEE, and MSM degrees from the University of Florida.
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