imageThis webinar will explain how to quickly and easily connect, control and monitor all your projects with the cloud via Wi-Fi, completely FREE!
With Wi-Fi modules, evaluation boards and solutions from ACKme Networks together with, the free cloud solution, you can setup your front door to send you a message, control your garage door from your phone, or even have your furry feline friend send you an email when he pops out of the catflap for a stretch in the backyard.
The free cloud service is provided by ACKme Networks for hackers and enthusiasts alike to compliment the large range of cloud-connected ACKme wireless modules and sensors.
Presenter: Jason Crawford
Jason is a wireless connectivity fanatic. For nearly 20 years he has designed, built, hacked, soldered, programmed, resurrected, and occasionally “let the smoke out of” countless wireless electronic things. Jason joined ACKme Networks as CTO after spending 4 years at Broadcom where he gave birth to and managed the technical development of Broadcom WICED™. Previous to Broadcom, Jason designed and verified various blocks of G2 Microsystems (now Roving Networks/Microchip) Wi-Fi chips before founding the G2 Applications team. Prior to G2, Jason designed Wi-Fi ASICs for Cisco Systems.