eRICThis webinar seeks to address the three main problems with designing an IoT solution.
It will divide the focus into three areas: cost, security, and features. The aim of the webinar is to help attendees strike a balance… ideally, individuals or companies looking to enter the IoT market.
Minimizing 'cost' per node.
Wired or wireless Internet connections have their place in IoT architecture; connecting a proliferation of devices to each other and to 'The Cloud.' However, the cost and complexity of deploying Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections 'everywhere' may be impractical… innovative products like eRIC, from Low Power Radio Solutions, can help reduce the cost per-node with added benefits of greater range, lower power consumption, and out-of-the-box connectivity.
Features, features, features...
Diminutive processors in IoT devices have their limits. Expectations of what they can and can't do need to be tempered; knowing what your options are and what solutions are best suited for a particular need will help you manage radio frequency selection, communication protocols, debuggability, deployment, encryption, bandwidth consumption, etc.
Security engineered… not sprinkled on top!
Security is a non-trivial component in the IoT world, and should be designed-in rather than bolted-on. Authentication, authorization, access, and encryption should be given consideration early in the design process.
Wi-Fi does have many strengths but with devices becoming smaller and smaller with technological advances the HTTP protocol is too heavy. It is inevitable that the arguments will change with these advances. Zigbee is costly, Bluetooth mesh is messy, eRIC does all the basics at a good price point with sub 1GHz capability.
Presenter: Rick Winscot
Rick Winscot has nearly two decades experience in designing software for enterprise, embedded, mobile, desktop, and geospatial systems. And, more than ten years experience in radio frequency (RF) and electrical engineering.
Rick is also a seasoned educator; teaching courses in the Department of Information Systems and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University and workshops at local schools, libraries, and maker-spaces.
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