imageWe all know that DC/DC Power Modules save design time but did you know that it reduces EMI radiation that can interfere with RF mesh networks, simplifies board layout, and protects against voltage transients as high 76V; there's no need for additional shunts or voltage suppressors.
The webinar will review the additional benefits in using Micrel’s MIC28304 micro power modules outside the time to market.  It will show EMI emissions data taken by third parties to validate low radiated emission statements.  We will review some key points on how the land pattern was created to assure simple and ease of manufacturing but still keeping the thermal derate profile.   We will show application examples where these Micrel modules are used and how they become the first line of defense against voltage transients.
Presenter: Miguel Mendoza
Miguel Mendoza is Micrel's Product Marketing Manager for the industrial and automotive business group.  He is responsible for the company's product development, promotion, and project management of MOSFET drivers, LED drivers, and switching regulators.  Miguel has been working in for a number semiconductor companies before joining Micrel in November of 2012.  From 2000 to 2009, he worked at Maxim Integrated Products in applications and Project Marketing Management, in 2009, he join mSilica, an LED driver startup company that was acquired by Atmel 2010.
He has extensive knowledge in LED lighting, motor control, and power management devices.  He recently published several articles in 3 Phase motor drive and market trends published in magazine such as Planet Analog, Power Electronics Europe, and Powers System Design.  He has headed the Micrel Power Module product and motor drive promotion at Micrel and has been interviewed by magazine such as EDN, Electronics and Power System Design regarding those products.