RPiSocThe RPiSoC is a development platform which brings the power of the PSoC to the Raspberry Pi. Due to the integration of discrete analog and programmable logic, this platform is well equipped for embedded system applications, instrumentation, data acquisition, and mixed signal projects. A large focus of the RPiSoC is its ability to connect directly to the Raspberry Pi and enhance its capabilities in the embedded space. With the two boards combined, various analog and digital peripherals are easily accessed by the Pi, allowing for endless possibilities for advanced projects. These onboard peripherals include PWMs, high resolution DACs and ADCs, Opamps, DSP, Pmod and Arduino Shield interfaces, and much more.
We will be showing off a few projects you can make with our board, both with and without the Raspberry Pi. These include a computer vision enabled head tracking camera, an oscilloscope and function generator, a simple digital logic design lab, and an automated twitter feed.
For more information, visit embeditelectronics.com.
Presenters: Robert Barron & Brian Bradley
Robert Barron received his Bachelor's degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His passion for embedded systems and programming have been two of his hobbies for several years. Robert has experience ranging from working for Firebrand Innovations to implement a smart video conferencing system, developing Android apps, and creating an automated projection mapping system.
Brian Bradley received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. His concentration is in Robotics and Control, but embedded applications have always been a devoted hobby of his. He has worked on improvement of tactile technologies for application in the field of virtual surgery, developed a small scale Brain Computer Interface for planar movement of a six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm, and has been mentioned in Make Magazine for a Raspberry Pi project made in his spare time.
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