BitScope MicroBitScope Micro is a tiny dual channel digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer, waveform generator, clock generator and spectrum analyzer configured as a lightweight water resistant test probe. It’s optimized for use with Raspberry Pi.
In this webinar, Bruce Tulloch will introduce BitScope Micro and demonstrate how it can be used with Raspberry Pi to perform multi-channel mixed signal test, measurement and data acquisition. Using a simple mixed signal circuit Bruce will explain how BitScope Micro can enhance an understanding of how electronic circuits and mixed signal systems work. In both educational and engineering contexts he will explain how it can be used to build programmable systems that can sense and respond to the analogue world.
Presenter: Bruce Tulloch
Bruce Tulloch is co-founder and Managing Director of the Australian company BitScope Designs, makers of BitScope mixed signal test, measurement and data acquisition systems. Bruce has more than 25 years experience developing real-time embedded and digital signal processing solutions. With his business partner and BitScope inventor, Norman Jackson, Bruce developed the Academy Award winning Fairlight DaD digital audio dubbing system for Warner Bros Studios. He has worked with Sonartech Atlas to develop the SAAPS sonar system for the Australian Navy, deployed BitScope solutions in fusion research at UC Irvine and created MRI monitoring systems for Siemens Healthcare.
Bruce is passionate about improving outcomes in school and higher education, particularly in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Observing the huge impact Raspberry Pi has made in education, maker and engineering communities, he has become very interested in physical computing and role BitScope can play to make it accessible to newcomers, young and old.
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