MSP430 MCUTI has the key building blocks to enable Low Power wireless sensor applications. In this webinar we will cover TI's newly released ultra low power FRAM MCUs & key wireless technologies such as NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi and Sub 1GHz.  We will show how these solutions can support various power sources from energy harvesting to 2 AA batteries.  Come learn more about how TI enables you to get started quickly.
Speaker: Priya Thanigai, Product Marketing Engineer, MSP430
As Product Marketing Engineer for the MSP430 product line, Priya Thanigai is responsible for developing and expanding the FRAM-based product line. Previous experience includes six years as Applications Engineer supporting various MSP430 products.
Priya graduated with a master’s degree in EE from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois.
Speaker: Dana Myers, Wireless Connectivity Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments
Dana Myers joined Texas Instruments in 1999 and has most recently been Channel Marketing Manager for the Wireless Connectivity Solutions organization at Texas instruments.  This role focuses on outward communications and product marketing to broad market partners and customers.  Prior to this was OMAP Software marketing manager in charge of Linux OMAP Software Solutions, and worked closely with leading OEMs for software requirements and execution.  In addition, she worked with the TI OMAP Developer Network to leverage 3rd party expertise for s/w offerings that TI does not provide.  Prior to this, Dana was the Marketing Manager for the OMAP Developer Network and was Basestation PME for custom ASICS that went into basestations. Ms. Myers received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Texas A&M University.
The "In the Air" Design Challenge
Want to work with TI's Ultra Low Power MCU's in an exciting competition?  Join our In the Air Pollution Sensor Design ChallengeClick here for more information.