AirVantage LogoBuilding an IoT project is complicated: on top of the embedded- and server-side applications, you have to deal with the communication protocols, big data storage and processing, data security, etc. The good news is: you can simplify IoT development by using one of the M2M/ IoT platforms that take care of these back-end tasks, and focus on building the application itself.
Sierra Wireless' AirVantage M2M platform allows user to collect data from any hardware using MQTT or HTTP, and integrate the pre-processed machine data to your web or mobile app with the REST APIs.
In this webinar, Crystal will illustrate how to build a basic IoT project with AirVantage, sensors and BeagleBone Black. Links to the free trial account sign-up form, tutorials and sample codes will be shared, to enable developers to implement their IoT project on their own.
Presenter: Crystal Lam
Crystal Lam is the product marketing manager for Sierra Wireless' AirVantage M2M Cloud. She is responsible for the product promotion and user experience of their device management application and the M2M platform. In her previous technical marketing experience, she has managed power electronics at ON Semiconductor and Motorola. Crystal holds a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in business administration. She lives in Toulouse, France.
The "In the Air" Design Challenge
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