Elektor LogoIn this webinar we leave the safe zone around Arduino, and jump into the scary world of raw microcontrollers. It’s a hard but rewarding journey if you want to turn your Arduino creations into standalone projects. Presenter Andrew Retallack describes his personal leap forward a number of years ago facing many challenges along the way. The end of his journey was marked by T-Board, a small prototyping module co-designed with Elektor Labs, that helped to get him up and running with raw Atmel microcontrollers. If you’re already working on microcontroller projects, make sure you join the free webinar to see how you can speed up your AVR prototyping processes with the T-Boards triplet sold by Elektor.
About the Presenter
Andrew Retallack has a background in software development, finally seeing the “EE” light when he made his first Arduino robot and found that software can make things move!  He spends his weekends trying to keep his ever-helpful toddlers from working on his assortment of AVR-based projects, and spends his weeks working at a luxury safari company based in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa.
Join and Win
During the webinar, we’ll be giving away three prize-packages containing the three-way T-Boards (8, 14 and 28 pin) along with an exclusive Elektor t-shirt! Sign up now and make sure you're present during the webinar: only then can you win an amazing T-Board bundle!