Tektronix Mixed Domain OscilloscopeIn the past 10 years there has been a huge increase in the number of RF products, and products that include RF components. More and more products have increasingly complex RF capabilities, many with multiple radios, and as such, new testing techniques can be used when debugging designs etc. This Webinar will look at how the new Tektronix range of Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes can be used to debug in both the time and frequency domains.
Presenter: Derek MacLachlan
Derek is a Staff Applications Engineer at Tektronix, with responsibility for consulting with customers across the UK and Europe on a wide range of testing requirements.  Derek joined Tektronix / Keithley in 2000 and his main responsibility is supporting the Tektronix RF portfolio of instruments / applications.
He graduated in Electronic and Software Engineering from the University of Glasgow and has since held numerous engineering roles in industry, including the design of automatic weather stations, air traffic control display systems, design of production test systems for cellular products.