Elektor LogoCoCo-ri-Co, the Cool Controller Concept (published in Elektor’s December 2014 edition), is a new attempt at solving the perennial problem of adding knobs, buttons and displays to microcontroller designs without reinventing the wheel. Instead of a universal solution with many controls that can be positioned in different ways, this solution only has one. Instead of one large versatile board that’s supposed to contain everything, this design is for a small module that you sprinkle on your project like salt on an egg. It is based on a cheap 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ LPC812 microcontroller. In this webinar Clemens Valens will explain not only the CoCo-ri-Co concept and its possibilities but also the technology behind it.
CoCo-ri-Co Specifications
  • NXP LPC812 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+
  • All 18 MCU I/O pins accessible through extension connectors
  • Up to 17 bicolor LEDs
  • Rotary encoder and/or pushbutton
  • Buzzer
  • Supports I²C, SPI/synchronous and asynchronous serial communication
  • ISP port compatible with 3.3-V FTDI USB-serial cable (except 5-V supply)
Join and Win
During the webinar, we’ll be giving away three pairs of ready assembled CoCo-ri-Co modules. Sign up now and make sure you're present during the webinar: only then can you win two amazing CoCo-ri-Co modules!
About the Presenter
Clemens Valens is a member of the international editorial staff of Elektor magazine. He has almost 20 years experience in embedded systems design. Clemens is currently focused on sound synthesis techniques, rapid prototyping and the popularisation of technology.