TI SIMPLE SWITCHERLearn power supply design tips for improved EMI performance from a Texas Instruments expert. This webinar will explain radiated EMI, how to improve it with PCB Design considerations, and practical examples. We will also spend some time on conducted EMI and filter design. In addition, the NEW Synchronous SIMPLE SWITCHER® will be introduced and we will discuss how this family is simplifying layout for excellent EMI Performance.
Denislav Petkov, Systems and Applications Engineer- SIMPLE SWITCHER® group, Texas Instruments
Denislav Petkov is a Systems and Applications engineer in the SIMPLE SWITCHER® group at Texas Instruments. His responsibilities include bench evaluation of new ICs, PCB design, EMI testing, customer support, written work such as application notes and datasheets, and training for field application engineers. He has been involved with power electronics since 2005 having worked for National Semiconductor and now at Texas Instruments. Denislav holds a BSEE from Santa Clara University.