LDC1612This webinar provides an overview of Texas Instruments’ sensing technologies with focus on key new sensing products for Inductance Sensing, Capacitance Sensing, Humidity Sensors and Ultrasonic sensing. Learn about industry’s first multi-channel position sensing inductance to digital converters (LDC1612 family) that can be used for diverse applications ranging from position sensing (axial and lateral), angle sensing, gear counting and sensing spring compression/expansion . We will talk out capacitance sensing (cap sensing) solutions that enable proximity detection, liquid level measurement, collision avoidance and rain/ice sensing. Learn about our new humidity sensors in extremely small packaging as well as our new ultrasonic sensing products that are used in a wide range of applications like flow, fluid concentration and level measurement.
Presenter: Andreas Kraemer
Andreas Kraemer studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Applied Science Munich. In 2008 Andreas joined National Semiconductor as a product definer before becoming the Business Development Manager for Texas Instruments in Europe in February 2013, with Inductive Sensing being one of his focus areas.
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