imageThe DC brush motor is still the motor of choice for many actuators. This is due to significant economies of scale and thus a very low price of the motor.
PWM driven motors enable variable speed applications and more comfort plus higher energy efficiency of the drive. Safety, diagnosis and protection of the device are the latest must-haves for new designs. These can be addressed with integrated bridges, combining driver stage with diagnostic coverage, current measurement and the MOSFET in one package.
Featured Topics
  • Motor control applicaton examples
  • Choosing the right products for your application
  • Benefits of integrated bridges (e.g. high-current half-bridges NovalithIC(tm))*
  • Quick start with evaluation & prototyping using the DC Motor Control Shield for Arduino with integrated high-current half bridge NovalithIC(tm)*
*NovalithIC(tm) provides a complete low-ohmic-protected half-bridge in a single package. It can be combined with an additional NovalithIC(tm) to create an H-bridge or 3-phase bridge as well. The NovalithIC(tm) family has the capability to switch high frequency PWM while providing overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection. The NovalithIC(tm) family offers cost-optimized solutions for protected high-current PWM motor drives with very low board-space consumption - scaled to your needs.
Our Experts: Dr. Johannes Breitschopf & Markus Bader
Dr. Johannes Breitschopf is part of Technical Marketing Distribution Europe, Infineon Technologies AG. Johannes has worked in the semiconductor industry for about 10 years. He started his professional career as a Product Test Engineer for memory products and continued as an application engineer for Automotive Motor Control Solutions. In 2013 he joined the Distribution Marketing Group where he is responsible for the technical consulting on Automotive and Industrial Products. With his extensive engineering experience and application know how he supports the development of Boards & Shields for Arduino.
Markus Bader is part of Application Engineering Automotive Body Power, Infineon Technologies AG. Markus has worked as an application engineer for the half-bridge family NovalithIC(tm) and the H-bridge family Trilith IC. Prior to this he was part auf the Automotive Systems Group. With this prefect combination of application know how and product expertise Markus supports customers with the development of efficient motor control designs.
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