Packing a high power DC/DC converter circuit in a small package is unimpressive unless the conversion efficiency and package thermal impedance guarantee a safe junction temperature.  With improved efficiency and lower package thermal impedance, heat removal is simpler, PCB copper and thermal relief area is smaller, speed of airflow is slower, the height of the external heatsink is shorter or not required; in summary the cost of cooling is less and the rating for reliability is higher.


The high power LTM4620 (dual 13A, single 26A with integrated heatsink) in 15x15mm LGA package packs more power than the original LTM4600 (single 10A) in the same PCB area, however the LTM4620 operates at an impressively low junction temperature due to its higher efficiency and lower thermal package impedance (with airflow and due to its integrated heatsink, the temperature drops rapidly.


With slightly larger package of 16x16mm, the LTM4630 deliver an additional 10A (or 5A per output), or dual 18A and single 36A. In other words, 7% larger package for 38% more output current (or power) capability.


LTM4630 is pin and layout compatible with the LTM4620, LTM4620A and LTM4628 (dual 8A, single 16A).


This webinar will concentrate on explaining how Linear Technology’s latest technology can help the designer resolve important design issues.

imageFigure 1- Output Current & Family of Dual Output High Current µModule Regulators



About the Presenter:


Afshin Odabaee is the business manager for Linear Technology’s µModule DC/DC converters. Afshin joined Linear Technology in 1995. He received his BSEE from Santa Clara University. Afshin is a budding photographer in his leisure time.