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Edge computing puts cloud-computing software infrastructure on embedded-class processing platforms to reduce latency and uplink bandwidth consumption. This presentation covers the concept of Edge computing, why it is needed, important challenges to implementation, and goes on to discuss various edge-computing use-cases and the ideal NXP solutions to bring edge compute capabilities to your design.


What Attendees Will Learn

  • What exactly is edge computing and all the technologies related to it.
  • Why is Edge computing needed.
  • What are the real use-cases of Edge computing nowadays and in the future
  • The challenges to implement Edge computing and how to overcome them.


Contest for Attendees of this Webinar (Terms and Conditions attached)


Ask a question during the webinar. The two best questioners will receive one NXP Layerscape LS1012A Freeway (FRWY-LS1012A) board based on the LS1012A edge computing processor. The LS1012A processor is built on the LS architecture combining one Arm® A53 processor core with the data path acceleration and network, peripheral interfaces required for networking, wireless infrastructure, and the general-purpose embedded applications. Sign Up now to Win.


NXP Layerscape LS1012A Freeway



Joe Byrne is a senior strategic marketing manager for NXP's Digital Networking Group. Prior to joining NXP, Mr. Byrne was a senior analyst at The Linley Group, where he focused on communications and semiconductors, providing strategic guidance on product decisions to senior semiconductor executives. Before that he was a principal analyst at Gartner, leading the firm's coverage of wired communications semiconductors.

Webinar Recording

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