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Symbisa is an all-in-one, multi-sensor, always-connected system that lets you measure your world however you like. Adaptable, easy to use, straight out of the box, no coding, or technical knowledge required.image


Symbisa from Hanhaa is a combined Internet of Things device and connectivity solution for those looking to quickly and easily and deploy their own IoT solutions. Symbisa is a bi-directional platform that assembles security, connectivity and billing into a unified service wrapper for hardware manufacturers to build new customer experiences and relationships.



Symbisa’s hardware carries multiple sensors enabling users to track everything from GPS location and altitude through to temperature, light, orientation and light. Data can be viewed via the Symbisa Portal, through an API or even directly into Excel cells through Microsoft Office 365. Anyone with basic spreadsheet knowledge can start exploring the possibilities of IoT with Symbisa. This webinar will show you how to use Symbisa to interpret sensor data, develop dashboards, trigger events and auto-create charts or tables.






Attendees will learn how:

  • Symbisa sensors feed live data directly into Microsoft Excel using simple formulas
  • Allows data to flow through to larger data where big data tools can be deployed to management, analytics and learning.
  • You can create templates, reports, and apply all the analytical power of excel to live streams of data.




Symbisa provides electronic components with the means to transmit data via a two-way communication portal. Data gathered from conducting measurements allows individuals to accurately analyse with speed and efficiency. Results can be instantly shared with colleagues globally creating more streamlined processes. Data can then be interpreted for others plugged into the system for them to take the necessary action.


The Presenters



Azhar Hussain, CEO, Hanhaa

Azhar has more than 18 years of entrepreneurial experience in the consumer electronics and mobile industry. In 2015, he launched London-based Internet of Things innovator Hanhaa. Today, the rapidly growing firm employs a team of professionals in engineering, mobile, and business who are working on the next generation of moulding hardware, software, and connectivity.



Ben Summers, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Ben Summers is a product marketing manager from the Microsoft 365 marketing team at Microsoft Corporation.  He is responsible for global marketing of the Microsoft 365 developer platform, including Microsoft Graph.   Ben’s career is focused on the evolution of Microsoft’s cloud productivity offerings and has included roles in strategic finance, business development and product licensing.  Ben lives in Redmond, Washington, USA where he spends as much time as he can with his family skiing, playing the piano or making pies.