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The USB Committee offers 3 separate specifications for Type C, PD, totaling over 1,500 pages. This webinar distills all three specification documents into the “must know” USB Type C/PD facts and requirements needed to be successful in this application.






USB is a mature specification, spanning over two decades. Initially developed in 1996 for desktops and laptops, 1.5 Mbps data transfer was the only function. Today, up to 20 Gbps data transfer is achieved, as well as up to 100 W charging.




This presentation is a tutorial capturing the "must know" USB Type C and PD information. Every attempt is made to reference relevant USB Type C/PD specification tables and diagrams, to ensure accuracy, and minimize ambiguity. Topics include; Type C orientation (CC Pin), attach/detach detection, Type C Implicit Power Contracts (15 W), Rp and Rd values, Dual Role Power, Try-Sink, Try-Source, Debug Accessory Mode, Type C Cable IR Requirements, PD Architecture, BMC PD Communication (CC Pin), PD messaging, PD Explicit Power Contract (100 W), and Emarkers.


The presentation will conclude with a discussion of ON Semiconductor's USB Type C product portfolio.




Key Takeaways


  • Learn what constitutes a Type C attach/detach
  • Understand how the Type C connector determines orientation between the source and sink
  • Learn the difference between an implicit power contract and an explicit power contract
  • Learn why the PD protocol is robust
  • Learn about ON Semiconductor's USB Type C product portfolio






The Presenter



Bob Card, America’s Marketing Manager, Analog Solutions Group (ASG), ON Semiconductor


Bob Card has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, tackling applications like; Li-ion battery management and charging, USB, wireless/wired communications, and authentication. Bob is the Marketing Manager responsible for ON Semiconductor's Analog Solutions Group (ASG) for the Americas region.

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