Reduce plant maintenance costs and unplanned downtime with Omron’s Predictive Maintenance Solutions


Join Omron Product Managers for an introduction to Omron’s Predictive Maintenance Solutions. Aging equipment is the #1 cause of unplanned downtime in industrial plants. Maintaining equipment is a huge challenge for plants as it can be very costly and time consuming to perform. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a growing maintenance strategy that provides remote condition monitoring and analyzing of critical equipment. Omron has developed several products to help reduce unplanned downtime while reducing maintenance costs.


In this webinar, we’ll explore how products with connectivity capabilities can help empower maintenance teams to overcome their challenges with maintaining their critical equipment.  You’ll discover how having remote monitoring of your equipment can reduce the amount of manual inspections and risk of unplanned equipment failure.  We will walk through how these features can be applied on your machines with Power Supplies, Motor and Panel Temperature monitoring, Sensor monitoring, and even safety equipment monitoring.


We will show live demonstrations of the ways this data can be retrieved and utilized.




  • Introduction to predictive maintenance
  • Omron’s Predictive Maintenance offering (EIP and IO-Link)
  • Demo of Power Supply/Motor Monitor, or thermal condition software
  • Demo of IO-Link Sensor Software
  • Demo of IO-Link Safety Software
  • Q&A






The Presenters:


Michael Hamoy, Product Manager at Omron Automation - Americas Kenny Heidel, Product Manager - Safety at Omron Automation - Americas
Mike Hamoy is the product manager for sensors and precision measurement at Omron. He’s been with the Omron for about 2 years and came from a research and development/product management background in the O&G/process industries. Mike holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and an M.B.A. from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Kenny Heidel is a product manager for safety light curtains and laser scanners at Omron Automation Americas.  I have been with Omron for almost 3 years and have 12 years of combined factory and industrial automation experience.



Justin Lantin, Product Manager, Omron Automation - Americas

Justin Lantin is a product manager for industrial components at Omron Automation Americas.  I have been with Omron for 2 years and have 10 years of combined automotive and construction industry experience.