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About This Webinar

This webinar is designed to introduce the key element of two new modules – CleO and NerO. These modules allow for feature rich HMI development and the basics of creating a display and controlling some of the accessories will be discussed in this webinar.


The webinar will be suitable for those wishing to create a graphics based design or are interested in developing a new Arduino based project.


Technical descriptions for CleO35/NerO


CleO is a highly sophisticated Arduino display shield incorporating a FT810 graphics controller from FTDI to control a 3.5” colour TFT display with resistive touch. Also on the module is a pre-programmed FT903 MCU from FTDI which acts as an interface to the Arduino SPI interface to translate Arduino code from a free CleO library and translate this into display lists used by the FT810. The FT03 is also able to perform the function of a high speed data hub interfacing IO devices such as a camera interface, SD Card and audio output. Further features of the module include 8Mbyte of on-board flash for storing bitmaps and other display files, plus a smart plastic Bezel to enable easy panel mounting.


NerO is an evolution of the Arduino Uno development board. Enhancements include higher power delivery (1A) recommended when using CleO plus additional accessories, FT231XS USB to UART bridge to upload firmware to the ATMEA328P processor, an on/off switch, a mini-B USB connector for lower profile and the LEDs are relocated to be visible when additional shields are plugged in.


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The Presenter

Presenter's Name: Gordon Lunn


Gordon Lunn is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate from Heriot Watt university with over 20 yrs experience in the industry. Following on from experience with Racal Defence and Indigovision, the past 13 years have been spent with FTDI mainly supporting USB design wins and more recently with graphics controllers and MCU product lines.


Gordon works out of FTDI’s Glasgow office and is currently their technical marketing manager.

Webinar Recording

Introducing CleO and NerO for feature rich display development on an Arduino based platform


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