From ZedBoard to UltraZed, learn a brief history and how you can take advantage of Zed in your next project.


Back in 2011, Xilinx unveiled the Zynq-7000 family, the industry's first Extensible Processing Platform (EPP) developed to achieve the levels of processing and compute performance required in high-end embedded applications targeting markets such as video surveillance, automotive driver assistance, factory automation, and many others. Supported by an extensive ecosystem of tools and IP providers, the Zynq-7000 family tightly integrates a complete ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ processor-based system with 28nm, low-power programmable logic for system architects and embedded software developers to extend, customize, optimize, and differentiate their systems.  The Zynq®-7000 SoC family integrates the software programmability of an ARM®-based processor with the hardware programmability of an FPGA, enabling key analytics and hardware acceleration while integrating CPU, DSP, ASSP, and mixed signal functionality on a single device. Consisting of single-core Zynq-7000S and dual-core Zynq-7000 devices, the Zynq-7000 family is the best price to performance-per-watt, fully scalable SoC platform for your unique application requirements.


Avnet followed close behind with their first development board based on this technology – the 2012 ZedBoard. Since then, Avnet has released more than 20 “Zed” branded products featuring both the Zynq-7000 and newer Zynq UltraScale+ architectures from Xilinx.  You may be familiar with the PicoZed, MicroZed, UltraZed, MiniZed, and Ultra96 but how do you know which of these boards is right for you?  Which one do you start developing with? Which one is best for embedded vision applications? How about IoT? These are great questions and will be answered in this webinar as we take a tour of all the zedboards, comparing them, and helping you get started with zedboards. This webinar will cover a brief history of Avnet’s work with Zynq-based products, and, more importantly, provide guidance on features, capabilities, and price that may help you decide which Zed product best fits in your next project.


What You Will Learn In This Webinar:


  • Brief history of Zed products at Avnet
  • MiniZed
  • MicroZed and PicoZed
  • UltraZed and Ultra96
  • The future of Avnet’s Zed family




The Presenters:


Kevin Keryk, Marketing Manager at AvnetBryan Fletcher, Technical Marketing Director at Avnet

Kevin Keryk is a computer engineer by degree, a technical marketing manager by day, and embedded software programming addict from an impressionable age which has turned into a mostly healthy fascination with FPGAs, Programmable Logic, and other hardware craft over the past 10 years at Avnet. He now leads a small but agile group of Machine Learning Engineers who specialize in AI at the Edge applications across a wide range of advanced devices.

I've been a fan of programmable logic technology since early in my career at Hewlett-Packard and Evans & Sutherland. I work now in Avnet's Products & Emerging Technologies group, currently working on Ultra96-V2, after working on many development boards over the years and as a Field Applications Engineer.