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DesignFlow Webinar Series: Selection and Integration


Matt Gordon

Sr. Applications Engineer Micriµm


Kick start your software selection in less than 45 minutes


When scoping out a new design project many developers are faced with the challenge of selecting a software platform in a timescale that just looks unrealistic.  It’s a process—the thinking goes—that involves negotiating with RTOS vendors to obtain evaluation software, and then burning more time, effort and money to get that software running and judge its worth. 


But the selection process doesn’t have to be like this.  This Design Flow webinar will demonstrate how developers can rapidly research and evaluate an RTOS to get new projects off the ground with minimal hassle. 


In the live session we’ll show how you can begin your structured evaluation of a commercial real-time kernel in less than 45 minutes.  You will have actual software—a running uC/OS-III project.


Date: 25th April 2012

Time: (2.00pm GMT) (3:00 pm BST) (10.00am EST)




DesignFlow Webinar Series;


The Design Flow Series shares knowledge and know-how with engineers from some of the world’s leading software, semiconductor and electronics companies. The practical ‘how to’ advice is structured around the electronics design flow from specification through assembled prototype and is delivered by practicing engineers who are experts in their field.


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