Join Newark element14 and Scott Butler and Marco Lee, from TE Connectivity...Deutsch Brand Products, as they take us through Engine and Circular connectors within the Military and Aerospace environments. You will learn how the needs for highly specialized rugged connector systems are critical to solving harsh Military and Aerospace applications.



This webinar will be divided into two parts:



Part One: Scott Butler will present an Engine Application Overview, Product Design and Test Features and finish with new products and market developments within the space.



Part Two: Marco Lee will provide a deep dive into the Mil D38999 Products and their features.



About the Presenters:



Scott Butler

Product Manager
TE Connectivity...Deutsch Brand Products


Scott has been responsible for managing and developing Actuation and Pilot-Control Systems for 787, G650 and other platforms.



Marco Lee
Circular Product Manager
TE Connectivity...Deutsch Brand Products


Marco has 7 years of experience being an Electronics and Software Engineer, as well as 8 years of experience being a product manager. His specialties include RF Design, Ceramic Electronic Component Design and LEAN Design.