Modern digital multimeters offer many advance features making it easier to get more insight into your measurements. You may be surprised by the detail analysis that can be performed using a bench top multimeter without a PC.  A modern large display and processor makes it easy to look at signals and characterize components in new ways.  Of course making precision measurements is at the core of what you would expect from a bench multimeter. Our newest multimeter is a drop in replacement for the 34401A 6 ½ digit digital multimeter.  Sharing and document results has never been easier with several new methods of transferring data.  Why should it be any harder to connect to your DMM than a digital camera.  Want to stay up to date with the latest in digital multimeter technology from Agilent? Watch our webinar at element14.image
  1. Display/User Interface
  2. Large Graphical Display
  3. Statistics
  4. Histogram
  5. Trendchart
  6. Probe hold feature
  7. Storing your measurements
  8. 10,000 reading memory at 1000 rdgs/second
  9. Continuous sampling
  10. Save to a USB stick or internal memory
  11. Move from internal memory using USB drag and drop or program.
  12. Truevolt Accuracy and resolution
  13. 6.5 digit sweet spot. Right DMM for majority users including bench and ATE
  14. Backwards compatibility with 34401A
  15. Designed from ground up
  16. Regression tested and designed for compatibility
  17. Agilent DMM Connectivity Utility
  18. Ease of connectivity using I/O
  19. Example of setting up the SW and making a measurement
  20. Export of data
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You could get your very own Agilent 34461A Digital Multimeter,Agilent 34461A Digital Multimeter for more information.