Learn how to use the latest Freescale Xtrinsic MEMs sensors with the new low cost sensor development kit from element14.image
Sensors are at the root of any system looking for context awareness, advanced UI control, safety, and many closed loop monitoring applications.  Unlocking the capability of a sensor starts with understanding the full potential of the sensing technology and its potential with sensor fusion.
Join Freescale's Michelle Kelsey, who will introduce you to a new world of sensing possibilities, detailing Freescale’s next-generation Xtrinsic Sensor products, their differentiated specs, their power saving features, and how that translates directly to your optimal design from the internet of things to industrial, consumer, and everywhere in between.
Vandana Lokeshwar will discuss element14’s low-cost evaluation kit (XTRINSIC-SENSORS-EVKXTRINSIC-SENSORS-EVK) using Freescale’s Freedom platform (FRDM-KL25ZFRDM-KL25Z). You will learn how to use this platform to evaluate sensors quickly and with ease for collecting data. Measure pressure, altitude, temperature, magnetic fields, location and motion on a single board using the latest sensing technologies from Freescale.
Presenter: Michelle Kelsey
Michelle has over 12 years of experience driving Sensors products such as accelerometers, magnetometers, touch sensors, gyroscope and pressure sensors.  She has had responsibilities including driving Consumer sensor business strategy to the engineering teams for definition, design, and test for NPIs as well as roadmap strategy, value proposition, and go to market strategy to drive design wins with the sales and marketing teams. A former background in Applications Engineering supporting sensors in industrial, consumer, medical, and appliance markets enables her to bring high level discussions into real world applications and implementation examples.
Michelle holds multiple patents for Sensor Applications.  She has presented papers at conferences such as Sensors Expo and IATA and has authored technical articles in publications including Sensors Magazine, Wireless Design and Development, EETimes, Machine Design, Elektronik i Norden, and Sensors China.
Michelle earned an M.B.A from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business and a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut.