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About This Webinar

This webinar will show you how Simulink was used to deploy a car counter algorithm to a Raspberry Pi. The Pi sends the traffic data to the cloud where it can be analyzed using ThingSpeak, an Internet of Things data collection platform. ThingSpeak is used to collect, analyze and act on data sent from devices such as Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.  The traffic can be analyzed on the cloud using ThingSpeak and its built-in MATLAB Analysis and MATLAB Visualizations apps or can also be analyzed offline with MATLAB.



For those who are new to MATLAB and Simulink, we will cover a short overview and introduction before the ThingSpeak demonstration.

The Presenter

Presenter's Name: Eric Wetjen


Eric Wetjen has been working in Product Marketing at MathWorks for the last 7 years. He focuses on bringing MATLAB analysis capabilities to low cost hardware, Test and Measurement equipment and Internet of Things devices.  Prior to MathWorks, Eric held various positions in Product Management and Application Engineering primarily in the telecom industry.  Eric holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Brown University.

Webinar RecordingA recording of this webinar will be made available upon the conclusion of the live presentation.