Free seminar for customers in Automotive or Transport sector, but also to anyone who works with safety certification standards.


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Developing electronic systems to meet industrial (IEC 61508) and derivative safety certification standards for automotive (ISO 26262) and transportation (EN 50128) is a non-trivial undertaking. The development processes, and the products developed under such processes, have to meet the highest standards and are heavily scrutinized before eventually passing audits with independent certification authorities.


Industry partners Green Hills Software, Freescale Semiconductor and LDRA invite you to this seminar where the focus is on building a certified system based on combining pre-certified components to create a pre-certified safety platform.



Freescale Semiconductor
Freescale Solutions for Safety-Certified Applications

  • How certification standards relate to hardware selection
  • Freescale product solutions for safety-certified systems


Green Hills Software
Safe and Secure Application Development with MULTI IDE and INTEGRITY RTOS

  • Why certify? - What factors influence the decision
  • What do the standards mean in practice
  • Green Hills products and services for safety certification


Achieving Industrial Safety using IEC 61508

  • How to achieve software validation compliance with IEC 61508
  • Write optimised code to ensure software compliance success
  • Safety-critical software testing best practice
  • How LDRA supports achieving IEC 61508 compliance


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08:30 Registration and  coffee
09:00 Welcome and introductions
09:15Green Hills Software: IEC-61508 & SIL 3 for software - an introduction. What is it, why would it be used and for what
10:45Green Hills Software: Design challenges & specific standards for Automotive, Medical, Transportation & Factory Automation
11:30LDRA Software Technology: Achieving Industrial Safety using IEC 61508
14:00Freescale Semiconductor: Freescale Safety Introduction of Safe Assure program
16:00 Green Hills Software Demonstration: Review of a sample customer application and a safety system demonstration
17:00Wrap up and Q&A


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