RoadTest the INA301EVM


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About this Webinar

One of the most common protection functions in electronics is over-current protection (OCP).  The methods used to ensure systems are protected under unintended operating conditions vary significantly based on the application’s performance requirements.  This in-depth training will identify and evaluate the common circuits and components used for over-current protection as well as highlight the improvements offered through using precision current measurements in the OCP function.

About the Presenter

Dan Harmon is the Automotive and Communications segment Marketing Manager for the Current and Power Measurement Product Line at Texas Instruments. In his 30 year career at TI, he has supported a wide variety of technologies and products including interface products, imaging analog front-ends (AFEs), and charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors. He also has served as TI’s USB-IF Representative and TI’s USB 3.0 Promoter’s Group Chair. Dan earned a BSEE from the University of Dayton and a MSEE from the University of Texas in Arlington.

Webinar Recording