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Infineon’s new form factor for evaluation boards makes it easier than ever to evaluate a range of capable sensors for IoT and smart devices: Shield2Go. Use the MyIoT adapter to combine multiple shields with common controllers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Infineon XMC microcontroller boards and get started right away. This webinar will show you examples of demos and systems Infineon has prepared with MyIoT. You will get an introduction on how to use the provided libraries for Arduino and how to combine different Shields2Go for fast prototyping.



What can you do with MyIoT?

Infineon is offering Shield2Go boards based on several different ICs:

A highly accurate barometric pressure sensor that can measure height in 5cm resolution.

  • A 3D magnetic sensor that’s ideal for precise control knobs, buttons or joysticks.
  • A security controller for hardware authentication
  • A current sensor with AC & DC measurement range up to ±50A
  • An industrial microcontroller


Things you will learn in this webinar

  • Introduction to the platform and boards
  • Inspiring application and design examples
  • How to get to market quickly with fast evaluation
  • How to use the Arduino library
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Tobias Bukowski is Global Distribution Marketing Manager for Sensors at Infineon and is located in Munich. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and has over 7 years of experience within the semiconductor industry.


Manuel Hollfelder is System Design Engineer at Infineon and is located in Munich, Germany. He holds a Master of Science in Physics as well as a Master of Business Administration. Manuel Hollfelder is responsible for the PCB design and technical concept of the Shield2Go formfactor. Additionally, he drives the concept and development of Infineon’s software libraries for Arduino. In his role as a System Design Engineer, he is also responsible for technical support at hackathons, for start-ups, and for the maker scene.

Webinar Recording

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