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About This Exclusive Event

The IoT business growth studies/surveys all agree on one thing: there will be tremendous growth in revenues for any company that focuses on rolling out products or services for the IoT. (Forbes magazine reports the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market is predicted to reach $123B in 2021!)


But that is business growth. But what about IoT job growth?


Well, the good news is that IoT jobs will have have an accelerating level of demand, with stunning growth over the next decade.


So, how can you take advantage of the IoT job and career opportunities that already exist in the marketplace today, or will be popping up in the years to come. That's what this webinar is about.


Element14 has brought together in an exclusive webinar two of the most prominent employers in the IoT space: Microchip Technology Inc and The Things Network to discuss this question. In a panel discussion, our experts will discuss:


  • What are the main IoT personnel needs right now?
  • What are the high-demand IoT skills now? And what skills will be needed in the future?
  • What is  an IoT career path?


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Expert Panelists

MicroChip Techology Inc.

  • Cesar MartinPerez
  • Chris MacCallum
  • Mike McGlade


The Things Network

  • Wienke Giezeman
Webinar Recording

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