At The Things Conference, we come together to share knowledge about the hard bits; the long development cycles in IoT and the common mistakes that eat up all your time, money and resources. We provide you with the content and knowledge to mitigate risks during your LoRaWAN development. The traction around LoRaWAN is bigger than ever, let’s pave the way for large-scale deployments.image


What to Expect

  • LoRaWAN hardware development, how not to screw up
  • Sustainable embedded programming before, during and after your deployment
  • Boost LoRaWAN security
  • From 1 to LoRaWAN 1.1
  • The little blue dot – LoRaWAN localization
  • Network Deployments scenarios
  • Peering & Roaming
  • Going to market strategies
  • IoT cloud platforms
  • Disruptive things that blow your mind (remember the telex machine, printing messages from space?)


Conference Registration

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