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Verifying control loop stability of switched-mode power supplies is essential for stable operation.  Network analyzers are expensive and don’t typically have low enough start frequencies for this task.  This webinar introduces FRA (frequency response analysis) applications for oscilloscopes, a low-cost alternative to dedicated FRAs. The webinar will cover FRA basics and provide insightful tips for using the application effectively. The webinar will use the R&S FRA (Bode plot) application for RTB2000/RTM3000/RTA4000 oscilloscopes to determine phase and gain margin for control loop stability analysis.


What the Attendee Will Learn:

  • Learn how to use the frequency response analysis functionality of R&S FRA oscilloscope application to verify control loop stability
  • Learn how to choose the right generator amplitude
  • Learn why and how to choose amplitude profilingß


Markus Herdin (PhD), Market Segment Manager Industry, Components and Research, Rohde & Schwarz


Markus Herdin is a seasoned market development professional at Rohde & Schwarz with a focus on power electronics test & measurement applications. His previous experience at Rohde & Schwarz includes roles in product management, product development and corporate business development. Markus holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago -- Booth.