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For over 25+ years, EAGLE has been helping thousands of electronic design engineers and developers worldwide innovate. The powerful PCB design software offers the same core functionality as expensive commercial software at the fraction of the cost. Learn why EAGLE is one of the most popular PCB Design solutions:

  • Easy-of-use 3 modules share a common user interface, undo/redo functions for numerous commands
  • Technical support by dedicated experts
  • Compatibility with Windows®, Linux® and Mac®
  • Over 50,000 component libraries and datasheets
  • Bi directional mechanical workflow with Fusion 360


What's New in Autodesk EAGLE v9.4


This release is all about upgrading the professional tool that you know and love with some much needed intelligence and accessibility. Inside you’ll find new tools that help you cut out the busy work and focus on what really matters, designing professional electronic devices. We’ve got new features for routing, schematic capture, and design management that will level up your electronics design game. Please join Autodesk EAGLE specialist Ed and Jorge to tell you all about what is new and how to take advantage of it.


What you'll learn:

  • Multi Signal and improved Differential pair routing
  • Mapping 3D models to footprints in the PCB and Schematic workspace
  • Object inspector and Selection Filter
  • Much more...


You'll learn how to filter select only the components in a defined group, then use the inspector to align them, spin the devices and replace footprint with a different model:




You'll learn about mapping a 3D model to a component in the Autodesk EAGLE schematic editor using the Generate Model IPC Compliant Calculator:




You'll learn how to use the multi signal routing tool combined with push and shove manual routing capabilities of EAGLE:




The improved differential pair routing now makes it easier to find your pairs and now you can use Quick Route to complete your routing if possible:




Bus routing empowers the designer to select multiple signal and route them simultaneously, additional bend style has been added:





Edwin Robledo

Edwin is the Global support manager for Autodesk EAGLE, with over 25+ years of experience using EAGLE. I love helping users overcome their design challenges.


Jorge Garcia

Jorge is a support specialist for Autodesk EAGLE. Has a Bachelors in Electronics and over 10 years of experience with EAGLE and actively involved in our Autodesk EAGLE forums. I have a special spot in my heart for embedded systems and programming.

Webinar Recording

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