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Getting started with ISELED technology for next-generation Automotive and Industrial LED lighting systems.


The use of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in automotive and industrial lighting applications is growing rapidly; however, traditional calibration and control methods present embedded hardware and software challenges, particularly for large LED arrays and dynamic lighting systems. The ISELED LED technology addresses these barriers with a new digitized "smart" LED together with a high-speed fault-tolerant communication bus and a single NXP microcontroller with dedicated ISELED software driver.


This webinar will show you the technical advantages of the ISELED LED lighting technology and how to use it to create dynamic, next-generation LED lighting systems using NXP’s S32K microcontrollers.


What You Will Learn by Attending:

    • You'll learn through a demonstration of the state-of-the-art ISELED-ADK (Application Development Kit).
    • You'll have an outline of the advantages and technical features of the ISELED technology.
    • You'll overview of NXP’s S32K Arm® Cortex®-based MCU family and both hardware/software features required in ISELED applications.


About the ISELD-ADK:


The ISELED application development kit (ADK) gives quick access to the new automotive lighting ecosystem provided by the ISELED alliance. It allows to demonstrate the digital LED concept and to create dynamic lighting sequences. The kit is based on the ISELED board that shows 16 SmartRGB LEDs from Dominant Opto Technologies. Each RGB package includes an INLC100D controller chip from Inova Semiconductors with which the devices are calibrated to the same colour gamut and brightness. All functions can be controlled via the S32K144 microcontroller unit (MCU) from NXP that provides the ISELED serial communication protocol.




In the default setting, the kit shows an example demo lighting sequence in an endless loop right after power up.


To develop customized sequences and to use the diagnostic features of the controller chip, several control commands are provided in a library of an application programming interface (API) which is implemented in the ISELED driver from NXP. Furthermore, lighting sequences can also be created with the software suite from Lucie Labs which offers an user friendly interface


The ISELED Board:


The ISELED board contains 16 calibrated SmartRGB LEDs (D65 white point, 1000mcd) from Dominant Opto Technologies, two blocking capacitors (100nF, 1µF) at each device, a 7V to 5V low dropout regulator and two 8 position nanoMQS headers from Tyco Electronics.




The S32K144 evaluation board (EVB) is Arduino UNO footprint-compatible and it contains the S32K144 microcontroller. It provides on-chip connectivity to CAN, LIN and UART/SCI buses and flexible power supply options (micro USB or external 12V).



Power Adapter Board:


The power adapter board contains a DC power jack to supply the LEDs and the NXP microcontroller. Besides, there are two DC/DC converters (12V to 7V and 7V to 5V) and an INLC100Q16 device [2]. This power adapter board provides the INLC100Q16 LED driver chip in a 16 lead WETQFN package which converts the single ended communication signal between MCU and the device into a differential output signal.


The Presenter:



Yiling Zhang, Technical Marketing Engineer, Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors, NXP Semiconductors

Yiling Zhang is a Technical Marketing Engineer in NXP’s Automotive Microcontrollers & Processors Business Line.  She is responsible for product marketing of the S32K Microcontroller family including ISELED MCUs.  She has several years of experience in Automotive and Industrial MCU/MPU product marketing and holds a Master's Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from TU Delft.