Traditional data exchange formats create two separate worlds between the two domains limiting collaboration and design workflow efficiencies. The non-existing bidirectional capabilities between the ECAD and MCAD applications continuously delay the amount of time and resources to go to market. Major factors are that standard file format actually have difference that are prone not to be fully supported by the importing application.  Autodesk has solved this challenge by providing a non-file conversion bidirectional workflow between Autodesk EAGLE and Fusion 360.


This webinar is ideal for consumer product engineers and teams that require the electronic and mechanical bidirectional workflow.





One of the biggest challenges that an Electrical Engineers confronts when using an electronics design application is finding parts that are needed for his project. Manufacturers are continually updating and changing their parts to adapt to today’s design challenges. This means that the EE will be spending lots of their time just searching for the parts they want to use and hoping that is it compatible with their design applications.




A 2D render of your design is no longer sufficient in today’s race to go to market. Libraries are the building block of every PCB design and it needs to support the necessary functional 3D mapping to support an electromechanical workflow. This has been proven to save time and quickly spin iterations of the products in less time. This class will walk through the solutions that have Autodesk EAGLE has in its library editor to solve these challenges.



The Presenters:

Edwin Robledo, Community Manger, Autodesk EAGLEJorge Garcia, Product Support Specialist, Autodesk Eagle

I am the Global Support Manager for the Autodesk EAGLE support Team. Began my career primarily working in the communications industry before joining the EAGLE team. My passion for support has  lead me to publish best practices articles, Blogs and hundreds of video tutorials. I enjoy hosting live Online Workshops or onsite EAGLE boot camps. If I am not tinkering with electronics, you will find me pedaling my iron horse on the trails of South Florida.

I'm a product support specialist for EAGLE, here at Autodesk. I have been working with EAGLE for close to 10 years. I got my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University in 2008. I love electronics and building projects focusing on power and control applications. I have a special spot in my heart for embedded systems and programming even though I still consider myself a novice in both.