March 17th, 11 AM CST // 4 PM GMT


Engineering is an exciting career path,  allowing you to develop your creative thinking and problem solving ability, while making an impact on the world. Engineers often work in teams to tackle complex challenges that can't be solved alone. That's just scratching the surface.  As an engineer, your skills are highly coveted, so you have options.  What makes sense to you today, may not be clear tomorrow.  What's the right fit for you now?  When's the right time to consider a different role?  We'll attempt to find answers to those and many other questions during our panel discussion with engineers in the field.


We'll discuss a variety of topics, from different perspectives, focusing on what you need to know in order to have a successful career in engineering.



During this session we will conversation about what it takes to land a successful engineering career with a diverse set of panelists.  Terry Collier, has served in a number of roles with 3M and now works as an Application Level Engineer.  Conor McGoldrick, is an associate sales engineer, at Molex.  Axel Schmidt, is a Senior Technical Manager at Kemet. Before accepting a position at Molex,  Conor interned in several different areas of the company, including a group that managed the assembly of medical devices, a group that manufactured high performance cable assembly used to connect data servers, and a product management team focused on I/O products for Datacom solutions.  From Keysight, Patrick Geisler, a field engineer, will also join to let us know what that's like.  Joining us are element14 community members, and , to lend insights from their engineering career.


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Technology Virtual Panel:  How to Find Success in a Career in Engineering

  • Terry Collier, Application Level Engineer, 3M
  • Conor McGoldrick, Associate Sales Engineer, Molex
  • Axel Schmitt, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Kemet
  • Patrick Geisler, Distribution Field Engineer, Keysight Technology

Tuesday 17th March


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Women in Technology (WIT) Virtual Panel: How to Find Success in a Career in Engineering
  • Julie Campbell, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Tektronix
  • Selu Gupta, Senior Hardware Design Engineer, Tektronix
  • Jessica Dunn, Mechanical Design Engineer, Tektronix

Tuesday 21st April

4:00 pm CT (Chicago Time)

9:00 pm GMT


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The Panel:


Terry Collier, Application Level Engineer, 3MConor McGoldrick, Associate Sales Engineer, Molex
Terry has responsibility for Application Development Engineering for the Electrical Markets Division at 3M. For 3M this means collaborating with customers and our industry to leverage our capabilities to create breakthrough products and applications.  As a life-long learner, his idea of the greatest way to spend a day is to work with others wrestling with a problem, understanding needs and constrains, testing assumptions all to work with others to create and execute a path forward.  His broad-based background across industries and academic fields helps fuel the process and get it done.  His background includes over 20 years of experience in research, ideation, development and commercialization of new products into the display, renewable, advertising and energy markets. Terry has a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, a Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science, and an MBA.  He and the team work boundlessly to innovative, improve and implement our new products and solutions. “3M is a creative place to work. I have the flexibility to build things and solve real-world problems.” twitter:@tocollierGraduated with a BS in Electronic Engineering in 2018. Before joining Molex as an associate sales engineer, he secured an interned in several different areas of the company, including a group that managed the assembly of medical devices, a group that manufactured high performance cable assembly used to connect data servers, and a product management team focused on I/O products for Datacom solutions. He took part and was a part of the winning team in the Molex Innovation challenge, working with a team of interns to present an innovative solution to the Molex Leadership team.
Axel Schmidt, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, KemetPatrick Geisler, Distribution Field Engineer, Keysight
As a technical marketing engineer, I am responsible for content generation, tradeshows organization and website development. The objective is to create the recipes that use KEMET products as the ingredients.Joined Keysight as a remote technical support engineer in early 2018, after graduating with a MS in Electrical Engineering. He then moved to his current position in February 2019. Keysight – one of the largest manufacturers of measuring instruments - sells its core product portfolio through partners around the world, who in turn are supported by local Keysight sales engineers in all aspects of sales. In everyday business, he is on the road and supports partners in joint customer visits with device presentations, offers technical application support and technical training, works on both management sides on marketing and sales strategies and conducts road shows. Today almost every aspect of life is digitized and electrified. This is where Keysight comes into play. Patrick wants to use this dynamic to gain insight into how things work and how they can be optimized.
, Deputy Head Systems Engineering

  Systems Engineer

Level of Experience:  RetiredLevel of Experience:  Retired
Dubbie did his first degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, a sandwich degree sponsored by GEC Telecommunications, followed by 6 months working for them. He found this to be dull so he did a PhD in Mobile Robots and then became a lecturer. He stayed on as a lecturer for the next 37 years, teaching various aspects of electronics, embedded systems, computer systems and robotics. He progressed through to Senior Lecturer, then Principal Lecturer and ended up as Deputy Head of Systems Engineering. For the last 15 years he mostly taught on Masters Programmes.Mr. Bertke began as an electronics technician and worked his way up to becoming a Systems engineer upon graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering. Over the next twenty five years we worked on a wide range of advanced aerospace projects. At his last company, he began a student mentoring program that enabled the company to hire many students and transition them to engineers. When he retired, over forty of his students were full engineers with the organization and one was Chief Engineer of the local office. Since retiring, he has begun to mentor a small company doing crop analysis using drones and is now mentoring three students as they learn systems engineering and image/spectral processing techniques..



Possible topics of discussion:


  • Different roles and specialties in the Engineering Industry
  • Skills or specialties that are in Demand in the Industry
  • Hiring the Right Candidate vs the Ideal Candidate
  • What You Need to Advance in Your Engineering Career
  • What your typical day looks like
  • Lessons you can only learn with on-the-job experience
  • Lessons you can only learn away from the job
  • How do you measure success?
  • Advice for dealing with setbacks or failure
  • If you are at an early stage of your career, how long can you expect to spend in an entry level role before moving up?
  • What is the most valuable career advice you ever received?
  • What is the worst advice you ever listened to?
  • Does an advanced degree give you more or less opportunities if you are at an early stage in your career?
  • What is something you know now that you wish you knew when you first got started?
  • How important is work/life balance?
  • Does your company do anything special to attract or retain the best talent?
  • How do you know when its right to choose a different path in your career?
  • How important is diversity?  Where have you seen success?  Where have there been challenges?