During this virtual panel, we will discuss the four main characteristics of analog design: efficient power, precision measurement, rugged connectivity, and reliable protection.  Efficient power ICs extend the lifetime and reduce heat dissipation for your handheld, portable designs and grid powered equipment.  Precision measurement ICs provide high accuracy and high performance for across-the-board precision analog applications such as industrial and automotive measurement. Rugged connectivity devices, such as transceiver ICs and wireless communication ICs, provide protection for connectivity in the most difficult environments.  Reliable protection ICs protect your systems from faults by maintaining and monitoring proper voltage, current, and temperature levels.


Efficient PowerPrecision Measurement
Rugged ConnectivityReliable Protection



Possible Topics of Discussion:


  • Various power supplies and scenarios, such as AC, batteries, switching between multiple power supplies
  • Unpredictability of external signals, noise, voltage faults and surges, signal swings
  • Need for real-time communication when needed, while addressing noise issues; analog methods for improving performance
  • Extreme conditions related to temperature, noise
  • Form factor – customers need smaller and smaller products for smaller devices and batteries
  • External hardware protection – relying solely on system software inevitably leads to bugs, a secondary system is helpful and beneficial for system monitoring, resets
  • System architecture – moving away from a central system into a distributed architecture (think RTC separate from the microcontroller) can both decrease system power and improve reliability




The Panelist:

V.A Krishnan, Director Product Definition and Applications at Maxim IntegratedJatin Jain, Executive Director of Applications at Maxim Integrated
V.A. Krishnan is the manager of Product definition and applications in the Power product line. Krishnan has extensive experience in defining and architecting successful and disruptive power management ICs in diverse markets and technologies.Jatin Jain is an executive director of applications in Maxim Integrated’s Core Products Group. During his career at Maxim so far, he has served in several roles, including director of product engineering and senior member of the technical staff in applications. Jain has an MSEE in electrical engineering from Syracuse University..
Dimitry Goder, Executive Director of Product Definition in Maxim Integrated’s Core Products Group
Dimitry Goder is an executive director of product definition in Maxim Integrated’s Core Products Group, where he Is managing the group responsible for precision signal-chain products. Goder has 30 years of experience in design and applications of analog circuits. He holds an MSEE degree from the University of Moscow.