While many industrial systems rely on wired networks, there is a growing number of smart, interconnected devices, such as warehouse robots or shipment trackers, for which a tethered solution is of no use.



Antennas are the backbone of any wireless solution, and careful component selection and board design are critical to ensuring antenna performance is not compromised.


This webinar will provide an in-depth analysis of antenna technology, addressing the important factors to consider when choosing a solution, as well as tips on understanding datasheets.


Hosted by Martin Keenan, Technical Director at Avnet Abacus, with a 40-minute presentation from Christian Koehler, Senior Product Manager, Antennas at TE Connectivity, this webinar will explore:

  • Key design challenges that affect antenna selection
    • Link budget & required RF performance
    • Antenna efficiency
    • Antenna type selection & placement
    • Physical constraints
  • Wireless application examples:
    • Remote monitoring
    • Asset trackers
  • Understanding antenna specifications
  • Antenna design and optimisation with TE connectivity
  • Q&A



The Presenter:

Christian Koehler, Senior Product Manager, Antennas, TE Connectivity

Since joining the TE Connectivity family of companies in 1991, Christian has worked in sales with our large automotive OEMs across Europe and in product management, a discipline he helped establish and develop at TE. As a product manager, he previously oversaw our high-speed interconnects portfolio; today, he specializes in antennas for our global markets. With his technical background, which includes a Master’s Degree in microelectronics, Christian works closely with TE’s tech startup customers, partnering with them to design and develop custom antennas that make complex technological architectures more efficient and integrated – in vehicles, smart devices, and innovative logistics systems. Presently, he is working on 5G solutions for IoT-enabled technology.