Get to know the BBC micro:bit v2 in this "box to first project" workshop webinar and ask questions of the team that made it happen!

Hosts from the micro:bit foundation will walk you through how simple your first project with the BBC micro:bit v2 can be.

The BBC micro:bit, a pocket-sized computer helping to inspire more than 25 million children to learn digital creativity and computing skills, will receive its first major updates since launching in 2016.

Available from mid-November 2020, it will now include a built-in speaker and microphone, enabling people to learn through sound and to get creative with it straight out-of-the-box. The hardware also includes a number of technical upgrades to ensure that in the future the device is an ideal tool for exploring, understanding and experimenting with AI and ML, as these technologies begin to transform the planet.

Our webinar features members of the team that made it happen and Lorraine Underwood from element14 presents and winner of our #badass Online Film Festival




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Inspiring every child to create their best digital future.
Head of Partnerships, North America Micro:bit Educational Foundation



element14 Presents

Lorraine is a Senior Teaching Associate at Lancaster University, instructing undergraduates in computer science in hands-on studio sessions. Lorraine opened her eyes to electronics, and introduced her to a new love: LEDs, which have since become one of the focuses of the many projects she's built. In 2020, she wrote her first book: "Save the World with Code: 20 Fun Projects for All Ages Using Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, and Circuit Playground Express" in paperback, which was published by McGraw-Hill and is on sale today.


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Hosts from the element14 community.