The development of Industry 4.0 technologies has accelerated at a rapid pace, with cause for optimism that the future of industrial automation will be scalable, open, and integrated.


In this webinar, Molex’s Jeff Barnes discusses how Molex is enabling 4th generation manufacturing and providing end-to-end and component-level solutions to machine builders, robot manufacturers and factory automation. The industrial landscape is transforming in ways that venture beyond the automation of production.  Join this webinar to learn more about:


  • How machine builders will begin to move away from PLC-centric devices that limit the scope for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and remote access
  • An increased use of sensors will be required at every step in the manufacturing process – these sensors will drive the communication of raw data and provide feedback to the control systems
  • How the next development phase will make more use of distributed control systems, meaning each PLC within the network can coexist and communicate in real-time – with integrated security and safety, distributed control systems will improve efficiency and reduce response times
  • The new challenges as connected devices will become smarter than ever and more easily accessible – how do we utilise them to optimise productivity, safety, and efficiency?



Molex provides high value solutions to machine builders, robot manufacturers and customers within factory automation infrastructure across the global industrial market. Molex’s expertise in the industrial market, along with newly developed industrial hardware and software solutions, provide the framework for those operating in the digital manufacturing space.




The Presenter:


Jeff Barnes, Distribution Corporate Account Manager Industrial, Europe at Molex
Jeff has been working in the industry with a focus on Factory Automation for 16 years with the last 8 years spent with Molex. As the Distribution Corporate Account Manager for Industrial Europe, he is responsible for all industrial sales with a focus on Factory Automation via all of Molex distribution partners in the region.