Horticultural lighting- Summary covers all 5 sessions over the next 2 weeks


How to use LEDs and controls for optimal yields and quality while lowering overall operational costs


Horticultural lighting using LED technology plays a fundamental role in today’s farming and growing practices, meeting production challenges for food, pharmaceutical ingredients, plants and flowers. In this webinar series, you’ll learn what you need to know to leverage LED wavelengths for each growth stage, supplement with UV LEDs, save power, and implement monitoring and control. After seeing this informative webinar series, you’ll be equipped to enhance your lighting system for optimal yields, quality and efficiency, while lowering overall operational costs.


What to expect from these webinars:


  • See how various wavelengths affect plant quality and growth cycles
  • Advantages of and best practices for greenhouse centralized power
  • Learn to design a control system that leverages
  • LED narrow spectrum emissions
  • Understand how to design a remotely monitored and controlled lighting, sensing and HVAC system


Who should attend:


  • Horticultural lighting designers and product managers
  • Engineering leaders
  • Greenhouse managers and owners


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