Redefining the IoT landscape by removing the need for a ‘proof of concept’ and delivering ‘proof of value’ with a predetermined ROI.


A unique pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-secure ‘Network Kit’ allow users to collect, communicate with and control assets even in the toughest of environments..


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Equipment and environments like trucks, storage facilities, and factories are likely to use standardized networks that can support different types of sensors and the new cellular networks that will come (5G etc). These networks will be based on open standards that make them useful not only for the sensors but also for after-market and third party devices that require network access. In the future, the communication part of our solution will most likely be supported by already deployed data networks. Wittra’s belief is that these standards will be based on the internet IPv6 protocol that 6LoWPAN is based on.  6LoWPAN operates equally well over both wireless and wired connections. This makes things much easier for the customer when lots of different applications don’t have to use separate networks.


Low-power Wireless Network based on 6LoWPAN is a revolutionary networking technology that allows data to be carried efficiently over radio links. Decades of IP technology and wireless network development have been brought together and allow for a more efficient and affordable way to collect and transmit data at job sites. With 6LoWPAN it’s possible to connect more things to the cloud through low-power wireless sensors, making it much easier to keep track of valuable asset. WITTRA™ IOT OUT OF THE BOX is a wireless sensor network kit with a cloud-based API that can be deployed on a site to monitor objects and assets. The ruggedized kit, enables users to Connect, Sense and Locate their assets in the toughest environments such as heavy industrial sites and areas of weak connectivity. The use of sub-GHz frequency bands provides long transmission range and enables the signal to penetrate dense building infrastructure. With pre-certified hardware, the kit is secure, easy to deploy and ready for field deployment.


What you will learn by attending:


  • Standards: We will be discussing the benefits of open vs. proprietary standards in IoT deployment as we look to bring IoT to the mass market. What does Open Standards really mean and why these are a prerequisite for mass IoT adoption?
  • Mesh vs. The Rest: With so many different protocols to choose from we examine the benefits and applications of Mesh network deployment and how Wittra’s approach and ‘Network Kit’ compares the other protocols such as LoRa, SigFox, NB-IoT & LTE-M, etc.
  • IoT Deployment and Maintenance:  Many IoT projects fail as a result of complexities surrounding deployment and on-going network maintenance. As a critical component in IoT deployment we will demonstrate the ease and speed of a Wittra solution which reduces time to market from months to weeks.
  • Single Technology Deployment: We show how to achieve sensor data and positioning in a single technology deployment both indoor and outdoor. Capable of  operating in changing and evolving environments where there are challenges of achieving full functionality for network connectivity due to radio black spots, vehicles, walls, objects, etc.
  • Positioning: RSSI and Time of Flight via Wittra’s ‘Network Kit’ and how this positioning solutions compares with others currently available




The Presenters:

Warwick Taws, CTO at Wittra

Steve Carr, Commercial Engagement Strategist, at Wittra

Warwick is a passionate technologist, strategist and marketer in the B2B space. He is very customer focused and dedicates time to properly understand the customer and their particular market... ”Is this idea sustainable in the market now and in the future?” He combines deep technical knowledge and expertise in electronics and software with a thorough understanding of business strategy, technology development and sales & marketing, resulting in a practical approach to delivering effective outcomes for his clients.Founder of Market Traction and Partner and Mentor at IoT Startupbootcamp. Steve has worked with a number of organisation who have gained significant growth with their products and services. A focused technical marketer with a deep understanding of end market needs and how to deploy technology to influence commercial gain. Former roles include VP IoT Solutions TT Electronics, Global Head of Marketing (VP), at Premier Farnell an Avnet Company, a member of the IoT Council. VP Engineering and Vertical Markets EMEA at Future Electronics and Managing Director at Acal Technology.