In-Vehicle Networking (IVN) is the specialized internal communications network that interconnects mission critical components and systems to onboard computer control units, safety applications and the driver.


IVN is experiencing strong growth due to rising complexities in next-generation transportation applications and the rapid advancement of technology. In this webinar, Avnet’s own Jason Struble and guest technology partner, Bob Card from ON Semiconductor will discuss how automotive E/E (electrical/electronic) architecture has progressed through four distinct trends:


  • Distributed and de-centralized
  • Domain Controlled with early centralization
  • Inter Domain Controlled with more centralization
  • Zonal Control with Full Centralization


We’ll examine how the IVN landscape, specifically LIN (Local Interconnect Network), FlexRay, CAN (Controller Are Network), CAN-FD (Controller Are Network – Flexible Data rate), SBC (Systems Basis Chips), and automotive Ethernet, have navigated these four trends, and what lies ahead.




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The Presenters:


Bob Card, Marketing Manager at Americas Advanced Solutions Group ON SemiconductorJason Struble, Transportation Supplier Manager at Avnet
Through more than 30 years in the industry, Bob’s career has spanned characterization engineering, applications engineering and technical marketing, resulting in 10 patents, and articles in multiple blogs and publications. He has experience creating solutions for Li-ion battery management, fuel gauges, charging, audio, USB Type C/PD, capacitive touch, high-speed SERDES, equalization, DCDC, HDMI, and challenge and response authentication/cryptography encryption.

Jason Struble has been with Avnet for more than nine years, working as a Field Applications Engineer, Technical Sale Engineer, and most recently as a Supplier Manager in the Transportation/Automotive Business unit. He has more than 14 years of experience in battery management, power supply, analog design, field application support, and sales. Having both engineered and sold silicon devices, Jason enjoys introducing new electronics technology to the market by sharing practical experience.