In this panel discussion of industry experts from top suppliers, we will dive into benefits of FPGA technology, how to begin the journey as an FPGA developer/engineer, identifying the training resources available to learn about FPGA product design, and when FPGA technology needs to be considered in new product designs.


The panel discussion will conclude with an overview and tips on FPGA development environments, programming, design tools, and the development process. There will be  an audience Q&A at the end of the panel discussion.


Questions the Expert Panel Will Discuss:


  • New Users
    • How did you (the panelist) get started with FPGAs?
    • How did your FPGA journey begin?
    • How are FPGA suppliers enabling new users?
    • What's the best way to begin developing with FPGAs?


  • Resources
    • What kinds of training resources are available for new users?
    • What resources do you have for expert level users or product developers or designers?
    • Using FPGAs Why do you think that FPGA technology needs to be considered in new product designs?
    • When do you need to build hardware based on an FPGA and when not to?
    • When should you select an FPGA instead of an ASIC, MPU or GPU?


  • Programming FPGAs
    • What are the different ways to program an FPGA or FPGA-based SoC?
    • What's the best way to begin?
    • Does a new FPGA engineer need to master a HDL or is there an easier way?


  • Design Tools


    • What changes in development tools do you think is helping to enable new users?




The Panelists:



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Jayson Bethurem, Product Line Manager at Xilinx Martin Kellermann, Business Development Manager for FPGA at Microchip
Jayson is the Product Line Manager for Xilinx’s Cost-Optimized Portfolio, which includes Spartan, Artix, and Zynq-7000 devices. With over 20 years of Xilinx design, technical support, training, and marketing experience, Jayson leads the design of multiple evaluation boards, such as the Spartan-6LX9 Microboard, Zedboard, and MicroZed.

Martin joined Microchip as Business Development Manager for FPGA covering EMEA. In this role Martin uses his deep FPGA experience to enable clients building optimized systems and achieve their requirements using Microchip FPGAs and SoCs.  He has previous experience at Xilinx, where several application-notes were created and patents were filed and granted.

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The Moderator:

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Eleena Ong, Senior Director WW Applications Engineering at Lattice Semiconductor
Kevin Keryk, Marketing Manager at Avnet
Eleena Ong is the Senior Director of Worldwide Applications and Customer Engineering at Lattice Semiconductor. Eleena joined Lattice with a 20+ year heritage in the semiconductor industry leading both engineering and marketing organizations, most of that in the FPGA space. Prior to Lattice, Eleena was Vice President of Marketing at Fungible, a startup developing processors for the datacenter market. She also spent many years at Intel leading the product planning of Intel Programmable Solutions Group’s high-end portfolio and developing board solutions for datacenters and 5G wireless applications. Eleena holds a Master of Science degree in Solid State Physics and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications from University Science of Malaysia. Kevin Keryk is a computer engineer by degree, a technical marketing manager by day, and embedded software programming addict from an impressionable age which has turned into a mostly healthy fascination with FPGAs, Programmable Logic, and other hardware craft over the past 10 years at Avnet. He now leads a small but agile group of Machine Learning Engineers who specialize in AI at the Edge applications across a wide range of advanced devices
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