Why zonal architecture and service-oriented gateway are the next big things in IVN


Automotive architecture is evolving quickly, driving a high number of high-speed network interfaces, processing demands, and increased security needs. Next-generation architecture will offer secure, edge-to-cloud compute solutions enabling new cloud-powered services that will benefit the entire automotive industry.


OEMs are looking for solutions to evolve the E/E architecture and meet future requirements for connected electric self-driving vehicles. This evolution can come via logical distribution of and through physical changes to a zonal-based network. Zonal architectures will enable efficient power and data distribution around the vehicle.


Learn what you will need to design and be part of the next-generation car networking architecture wave that is being developed by OEM.


What you will learn:


  • why zonal architecture and service-oriented gateways are the next big things in IVN
  • how zonal architecture in IVN will benefit the entire automotive industry
  • how next-generation architecture will offer secure, edge-to-cloud compute solutions that enable new cloud-powered services
  • what you will need to design for the next wave of IVN architecture


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Mathieu Clain, Automotive Processing Product Marketing at NXP SemiconductorsFrancesco Sindaco, Director of Strategy and Business Development, IVN at NXP Semiconductors
Mathieu has been with NXP for 15 years. His expertise is in microcontrollers, processors, business development, and product marketing.

Francesco Sindaco leads strategy and business development for NXP’s in-vehicle networking business. He is considered a pioneer in the field and has contributed to the radical transformation of car connectivity toward fully modular, configurable and software-driven architectures.

Jason Struble Transportation Supplier Manager Avnet
Jason Struble has been with Avnet for more than nine years, working as a Field Applications Engineer, Technical Sale Engineer, and most recently as a Supplier Manager in the Transportation/Automotive Business unit. He has more than 14 years of experience in battery management, power supply, analog design, field application support, and sales. Having both engineered and sold silicon devices, Jason enjoys introducing new electronics technology to the market by sharing practical experience.