The fast world of 3D printed applications.

This will cover different application categories and how 3D printing translates into the manufacturing and electronics world. This will be presented by Ultimaker's Application Engineer Lars De Jongh.


The series

3D Printing Webinar: Introduction to the Ultimaker Ecosystem

3D Printing Webinar: The fast world of 3D printed applications

3D Printing Webinar: 3D Printing Metal with Ultimaker and BASF



What you will learn by attending:


  • Introduction to the Speed of 3D Printing
  • Real world applications of 3D Printing


The Presenters:


Lars De Jongh, Application Engineer Ulitmaker

Phil Hutchinson, element14 Community


Host of our element14 Introduction to 3D Printing workshop Series and general 3D Printing Nuisance.