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A step-by-step guide to debugging an ARM based design with the Keil ULINK-ME

Date: (19/06/2012) Time: (2.00pm GMT) (3:00 pm BST) (10.00am EST)


BGA layout guidelines–Designing for manufacturability

Date: (27/06/2012) Time: (17.30pm GMT) (18:30 pm BST) (12.30pm EST)


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Planning your next design start? Join the free Design Flow Solutions series with our partners Microchip, Micrium, CadSoft, Eurocircuits and Tektronix.


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Be a part of our design-led, technical webinar series as we travel through the embedded design flow from application design and RTOS integration through to tested prototype. Listen to practicing engineers share their experiences and take away design tips, techniques and insight that you can apply to your current or next design project.

First session: 11th April 2012

Integrating software, libraries, tools and COTS components to make a real application

Darren Wenn
Senior Field Applications Engineer, Microchip


Most design projects today involve bringing together an array of technology solutions that need to be quickly designed, assembled and integrated. Ease of design, speed of design, re-use, cost and performance are some of the key metrics we need to deliver on. In this Design Flow webinar we will run through the development on a novel ‘in home’ application that brings together a low cost, high performance PIC with touch interface, graphical display and wireless connectivity. The session centres on the integration of software and libraries (such as USB/TCPIP/Graphics), tool and COTS component integration to make a ‘real‘ application.

In the live session we’ll show how you can reuse off the shelf components and integrate libraries quickly and easily using the features inside MPLAB.


Date: 11th April 2012

Time: (2.00pm GMT) (3:00 pm BST) (10.00am EST)


DesignFlow Webinar Series;


The Design Flow Series shares knowledge and know-how with engineers from some of the world’s leading software, semiconductor and electronics companies. The practical ‘how to’ advice is structured around the electronics design flow from specification through assembled prototype and is delivered by practising engineers who are experts in their field.



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