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DesignFlow Webinar Series: Integration PCB Design and Prototyping




Richard Hammerl

Tech Support Manager, CadSoft



How to use a single GUI to do your PCB design, component selection and physical prototyping



The process from drawing out a schematic through to ordering a PCB prototype has traditionally been long and drawn out, involving multiple suppliers, too much time, and too many administrative – non engineering headaches.  It takes time and effort that developers simply don’t have.  In this Design Flow webinar we will share with PCB designers an integrated flow that overcomes many of these problems. 



Working with our partners we will show how designers can go from schematic to DFM prototype, all from the desktop…and get it delivered to your door.


In the live session we’ll show how you can complete your PCB design, leverage new features in the latest version of EAGLE, select your components and have your prototype delivered to your door…in record time.



Date: 9th May 2012

Time: (2.00pm GMT) (3:00 pm BST) (10.00am EST)



DesignFlow Webinar Series;


The Design Flow Series shares knowledge and know-how with engineers from some of the world’s leading software, semiconductor and electronics companies. The practical ‘how to’ advice is structured around the electronics design flow from specification through assembled prototype and is delivered by practicing engineers who are experts in their field.



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