On November 29image, BIME will be giving an introduction to user-centred design for people living with disabilities. Nina Evans, our Occupational Therapist, will look at what we mean when we talk about people with disabilities and the effects of dementia, a cognitive disability. She will also give a summary of our top tips for working in this area. Nigel Harris, BIME’s Director and a Clinical Scientist, will be sharing his knowledge on changing attitudes to Assistive Technology and the impact this is having on design. Hazel Boyd, BIME’s User Interface Engineer, will showcase the key factors that need to be considered when embarking on a new design for people with cognitive problems and the importance of involving users. The webinar will finish with Martin Sotheran, BIME’s Electronics lead, detailing how BIME applies this multidisciplinary user-led design approach to its own projects.
The Bath Institute of Medical Engineering is an independent charity, working to develop new technologies to support people with healthcare problems and disabilities. BIME employs a team of graduate and postdoctoral engineers, clinical scientists, occupational therapist and designer, to run projects within this broad remit. Our unique capability is our user led approach to design and development, which allows us to better understand the needs of the user and to translate that understanding into effective solutions. This approach directly involves end users of the technology in the research work, providing us with good experience of a range of user-led research methodologies.
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