Data logging applications often require multiple channels with high sampling rates and a reasonable amount of memory for data storage.image However, for simple data logging applications, one may not necessarily need all the unique features available on a Data Acquisition Device. A DMM with the right level of performance and capabilities, coupled with a software might be all you need.
In this webinar, you will learn how some key features in a DMM that could enable you to perform certain data logging tasks, without a data acquisition device . A custom-built software is used to demonstrate the use of these features to perform data logging.
Presenter: See-Kai Tan
See Kai currently serves as an Application Engineer for Basic Instruments Division in Agilent Technologies. See Kai is responsible for creating application programs and articles to address measurement challenges often faced by customers. In Agilent, See Kai works closely with these customers to develop solutions, conduct trainings and provide technical support to his organization. Prior to joining Agilent, See Kai held several engineering positions in Wireless Semiconductor Division in Avago Technologies. See Kai graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering (Hons) majoring in Communications.